Saturday, 28 November 2015

Week 7: Assessments

This week Miss Fortes has been doing some assessments with us.  We talked about what an assessment is, how it helps us with our learning and what each one is used for.  We wrote explanations about assessments. Here is an example of one:

Assessments by Gargee

An assessment is important because you can improve the things that you are below in and get at or above.

What is an assessment
An assessment is something that tells you if you are at the national standard or not. National standards means what you are at, but not only in you school or class. It is all over New Zealand!!!

Different types of assessments
There are at least 5 or 6 types of assessments. There are reading, writing, and maths. In reading you can be tested on your fluency and you comprehension. Fluency means how you read, if you read like a robot you are reading wrong. If you are reading in your normal voice you are doing a quarter right. You have to read with expression and in the character's voice. Comprehension means what you know and what you know that is in the question. If you just do random answers you might get the questions all wrong!!

Why do we use assessments?
We use assessments for what we know that you are going to go to the next step or work on a step that you were on before. We also use assessments to see what we can do and see what we can do next.

That is a lot of thinking to do if you are below the national standards. Make sure you always work hard and you try your best not to go from 3A to 1B!.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Week 6: Athletics Day

Unfortunately our Athletics day was cancelled due to wet weather.  Prepared in our team colours, some of us were still keen to compete in the rain!  But we understood that it was a safety issue, especially for high jump.

Watch this space!  Hopefully we can find another date for this day.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Week 5: Student-led Toolkits

A spectacular day!

New Windsor school joined us today for our student-led toolkits.  Joseph C, Gargee and Raymond presented their own toolkit on Google sites (we had a sneak preview yesterday and it is an awesome toolkit).

There were a wide range of toolkits available from Booktrack, iMovie, Screencastify, Coding through Scratch and many more.

To top of the action-packed day of learning, there were loads of prizes! A brand new Chromebook from PB Tech, two amazing hampers from New World Mt Roskill, fun movies from Universal, and Techie goodies from Acer and Cyclone Computers.

Thank you to our sponsors, teachers, parent helpers and student committee for making this day happen!

Please check out our blogs for pictures and posts about this exhilarating day!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Week 4: Cameron Pools

Our swimming lessons were phenomenal today!  Some of use learned how to float on our backs, use the correct breathing technique during freestyle and kicking to propel ourselves forward.

Check out our individual blogs for photos and swimming updates!