Thursday, 14 September 2017

Week 8: Stop motion animations

Hey bloggers

This week we created some short films to share our learning (stop motion animations etc). 
We would love some feedback! If you have a moment please stop by and leave a comment helping us improve how we share our learning. Here is a sample of what we created.

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Week 8: Red Cross People Savers

Malo le lei bloggers. Today we were lucky enough to have Rob (who volunteers for the Red Cross), come in and run a first aid course with us. We learned all about how to check if someone is responsive or not, call emergency services for help, correctly tying a sling, applying a bandage and so much more! We highly recommend all classes do this course because it is free and super informative!

Thank you, Red Cross and Rob for teaching us how to be 'people savers'

Viliami and Lucas using the new iPhone9 to practice making an emergency call

Nathaniel modeling how to check if someone is responsive and what to do if they don't respond

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Week 6: Fun with SchoolKit freebies

Today my class planted a little garden. We used a little pot, water, measuring cup, seeds and soil. When I poured water onto the soil tablet I saw it turn into soil mixture. It was growing big.

Here are some photos of us using our measurement skills to plant our 'Little Garden' seeds. Thank you SchoolKit and New World for our Little Garden.

By Jemma


Monday, 21 August 2017

Week 5: Digital footprint

Konichiwa bloggers

Today we have been talking about digital footprints and how you can monitor your own digital footprint. We pushed CTRL+H to access our history. Then we copied our history from over the last 24hours. Then we pasted it into a word cloud generator. Thanks for reading.