Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Week 3: Team Germany

This Friday some of Setoga class will be attending the annual 'Have a go' sports day at Keith Hay Park.  They will have the chance to participate in get set go activities, touch rugby, gymnastics and SNAG golf.

This years theme is the Olympics and we are representing Germany.  Andrew, Fehi, Sela, Hinemoa and JD worked together to create a chant for our team.  They made a screencastify of it to share with everyone.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Week 2: Stop motion animations

We have been learning about natural disasters and how we can be prepared for them. We decided to make stop motion animations to simulate an earthquake. We did this using the 'stop motion animation' app on our chromebooks. Sadly the app isn't working properly and our videos were lost. So... we decided to try again except this time we used stop motion animation on our iPads. It worked perfectly!

Miss Fortes uploaded our videos to youtube so we could create voice overs using screencastify but the videos wouldn't play.  Today was definitely a day to display the Hay park Way and show how resilient we are.

Here are some photo's of us during the planning stage. We created a story board, then added at least five keywords per scene. These were specific topic words we would use during our voice overs.

See video here Stop Motion Animation