Friday, 26 February 2016

Week 4: Thank you to our parent helpers.

Week 4: Love your Coast

This week we participated in the 'Love your Coast' clean up challenge.  We learned about how our rubbish can hurt sea creatures and how we can be Kaitiaki and protect our oceans.

As part of our SODA Miss Fortes asked us to make up a sentence using these words: jellyfish, turtle, plastic bag and ocean.  Here are a few sentences we made up...

"A turtle in the ocean thought a plastic bag was a jelly fish." - Jay

"In the ocean there are plastic bags that travel.  Some people have been throwing things in the drain and it goes to the ocean.  Turtles think the plastic bags are jelly fish and they eat them and die." - JD

"One day a turtle ate a plastic bag from the ocean thinking it was a jelly fish." - Paris

"In the ocean shore there are turtles that think plastic bags are jelly fish.  Turtles like to eat jelly fish but when they eat plastic they can die." - Gargee

"The turtle saw a jelly fish swimming in the ocean.  Suddenly a turtle ate a plastic bag." - Tuli

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Week 3: Student toolkits

This week our fabulous four chromebook experts Gargee, Raymond, Janine and Kanishka held mini toolkits during reading.  In these toolkits they taught us how to add screencastify to chrome and how to use screencastify too.  Mandita thought it was really weird to hear her own voice on the screen but fun to do. She was also the first person to complete a screencastify in our class and is now a screencastify expert!

Watch this space!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Week 2: My Kitchen Rules

Four teams... one recipe... expert hygiene measures and a set of DELECTABLE chocolate chip cookies!

Today, we worked with Killeen class and we had a mini bake off in an effort to produce delicious cookies ready to sell at the Molly Green Festival tomorrow.   Here are some photos of the fun we had!


Friday, 5 February 2016

Week 1: Challenge

Welcome back to another fantastic year of learning, creating and sharing!  Our concept at Hay Park School is Challenge.  We will be starting off this year by looking at 'identity' and describing who we are, as well as what makes us unique.  

"Setoga class is unique because we use chromebooks to learn about new stuff, create new ideas and activities and share them with the whole entire world" - Students from Setoga class

"Hay Park School is unique because we have our own cat called Dusky.  She lives at our school" - Hadiya

We would love to hear about what makes you or your class unique.  Please comment below.