Saturday, 21 February 2015


Yay our Chromebooks have arrived!

Some of us were very lucky today because we got our new Chromebooks.  Miss Fortes gave us a box and we had to carefully open it and get out our Chromebooks.  It was phenomenal!

They smelt fresh and brand new.  Miss Fortes told us that we have to give our Chromebooks a hug and that we can say 'I love you Chromebook'. We are all very excited about using our Chromebooks for learning.

Thank you to all of our families for making this possible.

Hanan super excited about her Chromebook starting up in 7 seconds.

Daniel feeling proud about his new learning device.

Janine giving her Chromebook a little cuddle before putting it away.

Malachy about to pen his Chromebook for the first time.

Dorina setting up her new Chromebook.

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  1. Hi O'Neill ,
    I still remember when i got my Chromebook i still love it .

    From Shreya


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