Sunday, 25 October 2015

Week 2: Individual Blogs

Just a quick announcement to say that we are ALL up and running with our own individual blogs.  Miss Fortes has added links to our blogs on the right-hand side of this page. We are so excited about sharing our learning on our very own blogs, so feel free to visit them.

We love receiving feedback about our posts and how we can improve or change them, and now we are only 'one-click' away.


  1. Hi O'neill
    Whooa! I have seen lots of blogs and posts, I can't wait to see more! Did you have fun writing your first blog post? In Flox Class we have been decorating our blogs! When we first got our blogs we were amazed and I know you guys were. It's really fun and awesome to have your own blog , right?


    1. Kia ora Shreya,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog post. We had so much fun writing our first blog post. We truely believe that everyone should have their own blog.

  2. Hi Setoga Class,
    Wow did you have fun writing your first blog post. In the beginning in Scott class the students in our class were excited to blog more things on our blogs and we got to change our background ,I hope you guys get to do that as well but I hope you guys blog more about your learning I can't wait to see your blog post. I know you guys are going to be experts and teach the Juniors how to blog when they get older,and have fun blog posting things up on your blog. You guys are fantastic!

    From Tai


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