Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Week 9: Socrative!

In Setoga class we enjoy reflecting on our learning because it helps us understand what we really know, what we know and what we don't know.  It also helps us think about what we could do next time to make something better.

Miss Fortes sometimes has to tell us to reflect but some people can do it by themselves.  We use a website called Socrative to reflect on our learning.

This is us hard at work


  1. This is a cool video setoga class!

  2. Bula vinaka Manoj,

    Thank you for commenting on our class blog. We appreciate the time you have taken to comment on our blog.

    Thank you
    From Setoga Class

  3. Hello Setoga class I come from Grey Main in Grey-mouth. I really like your video. I like the beat to your song you picked a good song but next time you should pick anther beat+song you are a good hard have done a good job.

  4. Hi its Staci I think it is cool that they are working so hard I am happy to see them work so hard good job. I think it is cool that you are sharing how hard you are working i am prod. I think that maybe next time do silent reading I think that will be easy for you because you are good at being quiet hope you keep it up. :)


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