Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Week 5: Mix 'n' Match Activity

Hi bloggers.  This is a good task to get you thinking about how healthy your drinks are.  Do you have any of these drinks at your house?

Here is a fun activity that will help you learn about how much suagr is in your drinks.  Click here to open this drawing and make a copy of your own. Remember to share your finished activity on your own blog so other people can give you feedback.

Link to Nathaniel's mix 'n' match activity


  1. Kia ora Nathaniel,
    My name is Tania and I am a teacher who lives in Whangarei. In my job I get to go to lots of different schools and support teachers and their students to use digital technologies and share their learning on their blogs. I am really impressed with the mix and match activity you have created and shared for others to learn from. It really makes me realise that the best drink is water! I try really hard not to have much sugar in my diet so I drink lots of water. Has doing this activity been good for your thinking? Did you drink sugary drinks or are you now a water boy? I hope you have shared your learning with your friends and family too.

  2. Malo e lelei Nathaniel & Setoga Class,
    This looks like a fun activity that you have created. It links really nicely to health and science. Last week we had a guest in our classroom who talked about fat & sugar. Your post reminds us of this lesson. Your activity can teach us lots about sugar. To improve your work, we suggest next time you should read your instructions to make sure they are really clear. We found them a little bit difficult to understand.

    From Room 13 at May Road School

  3. KIA Ora Setoga class it is fascinating how much sugar is in drinks. this reminds me when i studied the same thing last year. How long did it take you to finish it? - Harvey

  4. KIA Ora grate work i like the way you put info and you could put a bit more writing

  5. Hi Setoga Class. Your drawing about how much suger are in drinks it's really cool. Specially the part when you have put the pictures. But just some feedback next time try to be more creative.


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