Saturday, 8 April 2017

Week 10: Car boot sale

On Saturday we held our first ever car boot sale fundraiser. It was awesome seeing so many family and community members supporting our school.

Our class created slime and sold it for $2 per bag. Miss Fortes loves science and was so engrossed in the slime making process that she forgot to take photos of us making the slime.

However she did capture some of photos of us measuring the slime. We measured out the slime using electronic scales because we wanted to make sure each customer got the same amount of slime for $2 (50grams)

Here are a few snaps from the exciting event.

Hansen class and their stall aptly named 'H Mart'


  1. I like you guys.I wish I could be there.It looks incredible.I reallylike it.
    from Stephen pua

    1. Raden

      Hi Stephen i really miss you we have been inventing new topics for our school and been having a lot of new student's in Hay Park Bye.

    2. Hi stephen it me Bob from hay park school thanks for commenting and yes it was incredible and it was also hard.

      Blog you later

  2. Kia Ora
    This looked like it was fun and that it was a good fundraising idea.This reminds me of when our school has PrEP and we make stuff and bye things with our prep money that we earned.Why did You choose the ideas for the stools?What was your favorite part of the day?
    From Shialla.

    1. Hi shilla,
      Thanks for commenting on our class blog.We chose slime because we knew that some kids love slime.My favorite part the day was when I could buy slime and come back to school again
      What would you make if your school had a car boot sale?

  3. Kia ora Pohtu Class!
    I learnt loads of things from all of your blog!
    WEll done!
    from Emalea at Gilberthorpe school!

  4. HI! Emalea this is saim from hay park school pohatu class thanks for commenting on our post

  5. Hi Emalea I'm Nevaeh from Hay Park School and thank you for your comment on our car boot sale and it was actually really fun.

  6. HI i am Veronica Kengike and go to HAY PARK SCHOOL and i have a question for you
    witchschool do you go to ?

  7. Kia Ora Pohatu!
    I'm Rikki-Lee from Grey Main School. This is an amazing market if I went to your school the first thing I would buy was the slime. At our school we have something called PrEP where classes get into to different groups and make stuff kind off like you have done and sell it for money that kids design. Did all your slime sell? Ka Pai
    From Rikki-Lee

  8. Bonjour Pohatu Class,
    I remember the stall. It was fun helping each other and supporting other stalls. Did you guys try any of our deliciousness? Henderson Class had fun with Bishop class and Miss Wilson. We hope you enjoyed it too. Be sure to visit my blog : or our class blog :

    Blog you later ,


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