Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Week 6: Fun with SchoolKit freebies

Today my class planted a little garden. We used a little pot, water, measuring cup, seeds and soil. When I poured water onto the soil tablet I saw it turn into soil mixture. It was growing big.

Here are some photos of us using our measurement skills to plant our 'Little Garden' seeds. Thank you SchoolKit and New World for our Little Garden.

By Jemma



  1. Kia ora Jemma,
    Thanks for sharing your story and photos of planting little gardens. I remember collecting them from New World last year, my nieces loved planting their little gardens and watching them grow. That soil certainly is magic! What kind of seeds did you plant?

  2. Kia ora Jemma,
    My Name is Ruby I'm a Year 7 from Grey Main School, it looks like soo much fun planting the little gardens. I remember having 4 big trays of little gardens last year, its so satisfying watching them grow. The soil is magic! what is your favourite plant? Mine is the pansies.

  3. hi my name is Maihi and i am a year 6 and i am saving a collation of them so they grow at the same time
    and i hope they grow good keep watering them.

  4. Hi I am Shialla from Grey Main School
    I loved the little gardens this year. I ended up collecting all the New World gardens I am most excited for the watermelon if it will grow.
    Bye for now.


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