Thursday, 25 September 2014

Observation Skills in Science

We have been learning to observe different phenomena (happenings or things).  To be successful we had to use our senses (hear, see, touch and smell).  We all decided that 'taste' isn't a safe sense to use in some parts of science so we only use that sense if Miss Fortes tells us too.

We looked at a paper glider made with a straw and paper.  We had to observe this glider.

Miss Fortes said great observers get out of their seats and move around and observe from all possible angles.

When we looked closely we saw that the straw was smooth, 23 cm long and the paper had sellotape holding it on.

Osaia looking through the loops.

Mark and Jayzel feeling the texture of the straw.

Jayzel looking through the loop and noticing the different sizes of the loops.

A group of us recording our observations.

Observing from different angles.

3 O'Neill class scientists.

Monday, 8 September 2014


In O'Neill class we have an 'I wonder' table that has lots of different things on it.  We can explore and observe the different things like the phenomenal magnets and iron sand shapes and the glitter and wave bottles.  Here's some pictures of some of us and Mr Aisher with the magnets and wave bottles.