Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Miss Fortes and O'Neill class have been thinking of ways to share their learning,

Today some of us learned how to use Movenote.   Joseph Chavez is a Movenote ninja and he taught us how to get Movenote working on our Chromebooks.  He worked with Miss Fortes to teach us how to use movenote too.  

Some of us felt annoyed because we couldn't use movenote.  Genete said that "it was a bit tricky because the internet was slow."  

However, Gargee managed to successfully make a movenote video.  Here is a link to the video that Gargee made.

Friday, 24 April 2015

ANZAC Biscuits

Did you know that ANZAC biscuits were made by wives and mothers and sent to the soldiers at war. These biscuits were really good because the ingredients didn't 'go off' quickly and the biscuits could still be eaten after a long trip to the soldiers.

These are the ingredients we used to make our ANZAC Biscuits.


Miss Fortes baked them during lunch break and this is what our biscuits looked like!  Delicious!


We went back to class and pretended that we were soldiers eating their biscuits in the safety of their trenches.

If you want to make some of these biscuits at home, you can find the recipe here 

Learn, Create, Share - Explain Everything

Today some of us have been learning how to CREATE videos on our iPads and SHARE them with other people.

We used an app called Explain Everything.

Here is a video that Janine and Breanna made today.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

ANZAC Poppies

This week we have been learning about why ANZAC day is so special.

We have been learning the 'Ode of Remembrance' so we can say it together at our school ANZAC ceremony and we also learned about the soldiers who lost their lives during the war.

We decided to make four huge poppies together.  We did this by tracing around our hands on red paper, then writing a message of thanks to the soldiers.  Miss Fortes stuck them together so they looked like poppies.  Here are some pictures.