Thursday, 9 November 2017

Week 5: Thank you letter

Dear Dosirak.

Thank you for the food we had yesterday for our lunch. It was lovely and I liked it. I loved the soy milk because it tasted like banana and strawberry milk. I loved all the food.

Thank you Jemma.


  1. Dear Pohatu Class.
    What did you have for you lunch.
    Was the soy milk flavoured or did it just taste like it was?
    Maybe you could add a photo next time.
    Haylee Totara 3.

    1. Hi Haylee thank you for commenting on Jemma's blog.What we have eaten for lunch was a sushi rice ball with seaweed but we had 2 sushi rice balls with seaweed,Normal seaweed,Apple,Salad and Chicken.The Milk it tasted like it was.Also we did have a photo it is just on anthor blog post.

      Blog you later

    2. Hi Haylee
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