Friday, 24 April 2015

Learn, Create, Share - Explain Everything

Today some of us have been learning how to CREATE videos on our iPads and SHARE them with other people.

We used an app called Explain Everything.

Here is a video that Janine and Breanna made today.


  1. Hello O'Neil Class,
    I like how Janine and Breanna have explained a strategy using explain everything, it is really enjoyable for other people to watch. Don't you think the equation is a bit too easy?. Maybe you could try this : 56 + 23 it is more challenging for your class to figure out. What stage do you think you are at? Keep in contact with me, this is my blog: Enjoy reading my explanations, presentations and explain everything on my blog. Keep up the great work!!!

    From Lyle

    1. Hi Lyle

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. Sometime soon we will go on your blog and see what you have written about.

      By Faisal

  2. Hi Janine & Breanna
    I think you did really well explaining how to solve that maths problem and not to take sides but I actually agree with Lyle and that you should experience new equations that are a bit more challenging for you and your classmates to enjoy figuring out the answer.

    Best Wishes:Rachael

  3. Kia ora O'Neil Class,
    I like how Janine and Breanna spoke clearly when they were explaining the strategy. By the way the equation you were trying to figure out was you know to easy. Try Lyles Problem. Anyways, you should try the place value strategy. Have you got any other stragetites to show us? If you do reply to this comment when you have time.
    From Simeon


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