Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Miss Fortes and O'Neill class have been thinking of ways to share their learning,

Today some of us learned how to use Movenote.   Joseph Chavez is a Movenote ninja and he taught us how to get Movenote working on our Chromebooks.  He worked with Miss Fortes to teach us how to use movenote too.  

Some of us felt annoyed because we couldn't use movenote.  Genete said that "it was a bit tricky because the internet was slow."  

However, Gargee managed to successfully make a movenote video.  Here is a link to the video that Gargee made.


  1. Hi,O'Neill Class
    WOW! I really like that you guys are trying movenote.I also like Gargee video about Myths and Legends chart so well done.
    I am really sorry your guys don't get to use movenote but I hope you learned about it and how it works.
    Do you have a favorite part of movenote?

    1. Hi Jasman,

      My favourite part is making the video and having a picture of my document next to my face because then I can see what I am talking about.

      Thank you for watching my video.

      From Gargee and O'Neill Class


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