Friday, 26 February 2016

Week 4: Love your Coast

This week we participated in the 'Love your Coast' clean up challenge.  We learned about how our rubbish can hurt sea creatures and how we can be Kaitiaki and protect our oceans.

As part of our SODA Miss Fortes asked us to make up a sentence using these words: jellyfish, turtle, plastic bag and ocean.  Here are a few sentences we made up...

"A turtle in the ocean thought a plastic bag was a jelly fish." - Jay

"In the ocean there are plastic bags that travel.  Some people have been throwing things in the drain and it goes to the ocean.  Turtles think the plastic bags are jelly fish and they eat them and die." - JD

"One day a turtle ate a plastic bag from the ocean thinking it was a jelly fish." - Paris

"In the ocean shore there are turtles that think plastic bags are jelly fish.  Turtles like to eat jelly fish but when they eat plastic they can die." - Gargee

"The turtle saw a jelly fish swimming in the ocean.  Suddenly a turtle ate a plastic bag." - Tuli

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  1. Hello Stonga Class,
    What a lovely day it was in the beach.It was very interesting that there was many parents and care givers that helped us in out with love you cost.What was you favorite part of the trip Setonga Class.

    From Cicilia in Scott Class


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