Friday, 12 February 2016

Week 2: My Kitchen Rules

Four teams... one recipe... expert hygiene measures and a set of DELECTABLE chocolate chip cookies!

Today, we worked with Killeen class and we had a mini bake off in an effort to produce delicious cookies ready to sell at the Molly Green Festival tomorrow.   Here are some photos of the fun we had!



  1. Hi Setoga Class
    Your cookies were amazing and I saw people at Molly Green making a bee line to buy them. And not just one packet but as many as three or four! Would you consider making some for school special treats? Imagine how many hungry Hay Park students would be keen to buy one if they were on offer!

    Well done for making such a successful cookie for a special celebration!

  2. Hi Setoga class,
    I love your cookie that yous made for molly green.I hope yous had fun baking,looking forward to your blog setoga class.

    From Vonairay

  3. HI Setoga Class,
    I loved your cookies that yous made for molly green.I hope yous had fun baking,Looking forward to see more of your blogs.

    From Emah


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