Thursday, 23 June 2016

Week 8: Our class assembly

This is a snippet of our class assembly.  It starts off with Gargee and Fehi singing 'I want you back' with their back up singers from Setoga Class, then ends with Paris demonstrating a set of 'blocks'.



  1. Hi I like yore sinning I wold like to now what song it is. It is very kashiy I mite sing it my self.

  2. Kia orana Jamie

    Thank you for your positive, thougfhtful and helpful comment.

    The song Fehi and Gargee were singing is called 'I want you back' by the Jackson 5. If you get a chance to sing it, you could post it to your blog and let us know so we can comment on it too.

    Hope you have a lovely day
    From Setoga Class

    1. Thank you for commenting on Setoga class is blog that was nice of you to comment thank you.

  3. Hello Setoga class,
    This is room 13 from May Road School. We really liked your singing, especially the part where the back up singers got their own part. The loud singing voices helped make the song better
    But you may want to look into adding some background music to make the song more interesting.

    From Room 13
    We sing lots of songs in our assembly too.

    1. Thank you for the possitive comment that was nice of you.

  4. Nice singing you two


Thank you for your positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.