Thursday, 23 February 2017

Week 4: Basketball

This term we have been lucky enough to start basketball coaching sessions.  Here is a short video of us practicing a jump stop.

After our lesson we went back to class and brainstormed some of the new vocabulary we learned and put these into a google slides presentation so we can refer back to them before our next lesson.


  1. Morena Pohatu class,
    I had no idea what a 'jump shot' was so it was great to see your video clip. I like how Louise described it as 'stopping like a dinosaur'. It's great that you have learnt so many skills and then created a slide to support and remember your learning. Learning to fake is a great skill in basketball (and lots of other sports too). Do any of you play basketball for a school or club team? I have never been a basketball player as I think I'm too short!

  2. Kiaora Pohatu Class
    I am absolutely loving the enthusiasm that you all are showing, it is awesome to see so many tamariki playing a sport together and enjoying it so keep up the great work.
    Yours Elyse Williams
    Te Kura O Waima.


Thank you for your positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.