Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Week 5: Singing

Do you enjoy singing? Miss Fortes underestimated how much we like singing. She thought we wouldn't like this song because it was about a little girl called Moana... we proved her wrong! The girls sang beautifully and the boys really carried their voices through with so much pride. We are going to introduce this song at our next Hay Park Way assembly so the whole school can sing it.

Do you have any favourite assembly songs you like to sing?


  1. Hi Pohatu Class My name is Elyse, I go to waima school. I really like your video, you kids sound awesome and that particular song happens to be my number one favourite. so keep up the awesome work.

  2. Hi Elyse. Thank you for commenting on our blog. Today we sang this song at assembly and it blew us away. The whole hall was filled with beautiful voices and happy students. We hope you have a great day. From Pohatu Class.

  3. 1. see you again
    2. That's what like
    3. we know the way


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