Friday, 10 March 2017

Week 6: Sausage sizzle fundraiser

Hi bloggers... guess what?

In term three our year five and six students are going on camp! Wohooo! To fundraise for this event we are selling ice blocks and sausage sizzles every Friday. We were lucky enough to organise the first sausage sizzle alongside some of our amazing mums.

Thank you to Andrew's mum, Eshaan's mum, Paul's mum, Mrs Falefa, Ms Patel and Mr Brodie for making this fundraising opportunity possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Some of the amazing support crew!


  1. Yum yum food

  2. Hi I'm Te Ranui from Waima School.Your sausage sizzle looks good and amazing yum yum. Where are you going for camp?For our camp we went to Coopers beach.Hope you enjoy your camp.
    Blog you later.


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