Friday, 6 June 2014

Today was our last lesson with our Soccer coach Courtney.  We have had so much fun learning different skills that we can use to play soccer.  We learned how to juggle the ball on our feet and knees, how to strike the ball with our 'instep' and how to tackle someone to try and take possession of the ball.

Soccer is an invasive sport, so we realised that it helps to communicate with your team mates and pass the ball to each other

Here are a few pics of us using all our skills during soccer games.


  1. Kia ora O'Neill Class!
    Welcome to the world of blogging! My class love sharing their learning through blogs and I know we will check back regularly to see what is happening in O'Neill Class!

    I saw some pretty amazing soccer skills in those photos! I wonder if we could have some mixed games in the Senior Syndicate - what do you think?

  2. go go go Awesome ONeill.....I wonder if you're watching the World Cup? Great to see your BLOG!!!! YIPPEE..

  3. Kia Ora O'Neil class,
    I love the way you have communicated in a way to pass the soccer ball to each other. I also love the way you have worked in a team to score goals. Do you think we can play soccer together?

    From: Jamie


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