Friday, 5 February 2016

Week 1: Challenge

Welcome back to another fantastic year of learning, creating and sharing!  Our concept at Hay Park School is Challenge.  We will be starting off this year by looking at 'identity' and describing who we are, as well as what makes us unique.  

"Setoga class is unique because we use chromebooks to learn about new stuff, create new ideas and activities and share them with the whole entire world" - Students from Setoga class

"Hay Park School is unique because we have our own cat called Dusky.  She lives at our school" - Hadiya

We would love to hear about what makes you or your class unique.  Please comment below.


  1. Good morning everyone.

    Your class sounds like a wonderful place to be in 2016!

    My class is unique because they are all adults learning to be teachers and they are paid by Google. They are the only teachers in the whole wide world paid by Google and they are right here in Auckland.

    Have a fabulous year.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Talofa Setoga Class!
    I think you are all in for a very exciting year with Miss Fortes! My class is very unique - this year the students range from Y1 - Y8 and I will be supporting the teachers as well.
    Our Y5 - Y8 students are going 1:1 this year - what tips would you give them to help them be successful learners?

    I look forward to seeing your learning shared on your class blog this year!


    1. Talofa Mrs Kingston!

      Thank you for sharing information about what makes you and your class special. We have brainstormed a few tips to share with your Y5- Y8 students. Here is a link to the google slides with our tips. Any feedback on these tips would be great.

      Love Setoga class

  3. Kia ora Setoga class!
    Thank you for the great tips - these are definitely good reminders. I will share them when I'm working in classes this week. Actually, they're pretty good tips for teachers too - so thank you for sharing your learning with me!

    Miss seeing your wonderful smiles - so will check back in to see what you're all up to.

    Give Dusky a pat for me :)



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