Sunday, 22 May 2016

Week 4: How to comment on a blog

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to another exciting week of learning in Setoga class.  This is a brief screencastify that shows you how to comment on a blog.  If you are new to blogs or blog commenting this will show you how to comment.

Later this week one of we will post a screencastify about how we structure a comment to be positive, thoughtful and helpful.  Happy commenting!

Click here to watch the screencastify.


  1. Kia ora Christina,

    Thanks for sharing your screencastify about how to comment on blogs. It can be small things that stop people commenting so you have removed one obstacle. You can also change the settings on your blog to remove the 'prove you are not a robot'. Under Settings > Post Comments and Sharing - set to never for comment moderation.


    1. Kia orana Maria. Thank you for your feedback and awesome tip. Wohoo! I will change those settings tonight and hopefully remove the 'robot' question. Kind regards, Christina.

  2. Hi setoga class

    I think that you have been learning hard to learn to blog.
    I think you guess have got this, hope you know how to blog now.

    From Vaidika

  3. Hello
    great work. Maybe next time you could put some pictures on it to add a bit more interest.


Thank you for your positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.