Thursday, 8 June 2017

Week 6: Animating Google Slides with Mr Winter

Hello everyone. Miss Fortes here.

Today I have been doing a tonne of learning with the fabulous teachers in the Ako hiko Cluster. This afternoon I have been learning about how to create animations using Google slides with Mr Winter.

Check out my first animation! I'm super proud!


  1. Hi Miss Fortes,

    This is awesome! Can you please teach me how to do this? Or can you make a screencastify so I can learn at home? It looks like so much fun!

    Mrs Archer

  2. Hi Miss Fortes,
    This looks a lot of fun and has Miss Fortes written all over it! I think that it is awesome and if some student learnt how to do it we could do a toolkit! Wouldn't that be amazing? I am going to try my best to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Blog you later,

  3. Hi pohatu class it is me saim who left hay park school i really like how you did this google animated slides with Mr Winter
    Bye Saim

    1. Hey saim it is me Andrew when are you coming back?.Also thanks for replying to our blog i really miss you.

  4. wow so anmazing

  5. Hi pohatu class it is me Kirsty from Gilberthorpe School
    I liked how you made it about a ball
    Did you think about people in the animation?
    Anyway bye bye for now!!

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  7. Kia Ora Pohatu Class!
    I am Emalea from Gilberthorpe School.
    I enjoyed the part when you made it go fast and it is AMAZING!!
    next time you should write how to do an animation?
    Blog you later!

  8. Hi my name is kaunteya from gilberthorpe school.I like your first animation you did.It looks like a basket ball bouncing to side to side.And it was your first animation.Nice job. Bye.

  9. Hi,
    I liked how you made the animation
    Who started this animation?
    Anyaway bye bye

  10. Hi my name is Kay-lee.I am from gilberthorpe school and I love the slide.It's like pinball or playing
    ping pong.Did you know that my Mum likes to V.S me alot.Maybe you should think about people throwing the ball.Blog you later

  11. Hey,
    Im Keisha
    From Gilberthorpe
    This Animation is so so so so so amazing!
    Check out my blog:
    I love how you made it how I ball is going all over the page!
    Maybe you could do another one like it!

  12. Hi Pohatu class its Jesse from Gilberthorpe school. The thing I like about this post is that you have the ball going around and around. Its pretty cool. blog you later!!!


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