Thursday, 14 September 2017

Week 8: Red Cross People Savers

Malo le lei bloggers. Today we were lucky enough to have Rob (who volunteers for the Red Cross), come in and run a first aid course with us. We learned all about how to check if someone is responsive or not, call emergency services for help, correctly tying a sling, applying a bandage and so much more! We highly recommend all classes do this course because it is free and super informative!

Thank you, Red Cross and Rob for teaching us how to be 'people savers'

Viliami and Lucas using the new iPhone9 to practice making an emergency call

Nathaniel modeling how to check if someone is responsive and what to do if they don't respond

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  1. Kia ora I like how you have used the correct punctuation.But I would've also like to hear more about everybody expriance toward learming about how to use the first aid kit.


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