Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Thank you to our sponsors

This is  a slideshow about The Cat Door Company. Please enjoy reading about why they are an amazing company.

Have you ever heard of SureFlap?  They are an innovative company that make cat doors and other products. Please look through this slideshow to see how they have supported our school.


  1. Hi Setoga class! I loved your slides, I learnt so much. I wish I knew this information when I lived in my old house. Our neighbour's cat used to come and eat our cat's food. Maybe we should contact Grant to get a flap for our school cat at Wesley Primary (Ron).

    1. Hi Phil. Thank you for commenting on our blog. We would highly recommend Grant as a cat door supplier. He is amazing and loves making sure cats can safely get in and out of buildings.

      From Setoga Class

  2. HI Setoga Class
    Thanks for sharing your presentation about the cat door. I think we need one of these for our school cat Tigger, as there are other cats that eat his food and he is getting old so having somewhere warm to sleep during the night would be great.
    Room 1 Ohaeawai School

    1. Malo e leilei Alicia. Thank you for commenting on our class blog. We think it would be a nice idea to get a cat door for Tigger. We drafted up letters to send to a few cat door suppliers, asking if they could sponsor a cat door for Dusky. After the final draft we sent them off via email and waited for a response. We think you could ask your teacher if you can do the same and send some letters to cat door suppliers near you.

      ps Dusky says hello to Tigger.

      From Setoga class and Dusky


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