Saturday, 3 September 2016

Week 6: Zoo trip

My reflective post

One thing I learned at the zoo was that an elephant has 40,000 muscles in their trunk. Another thing I learned was that a Meerkats have black rings around their eyes like sun glasses to protect their eyes from the sun's glare. The last thing I learned was that elephants can vibrate their head to communicate with other elephants. The vibrations go down through their feet into the ground.

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By Viliami


  1. Hi Viliami,

    Wow! You know a lot about animals, we have learnt some new facts from you. We have an animal expert in our class too. His name is Jake. How did you find out about how many muscles are in an Elephant's trunk? Did you count them or x-ray the Elephant? Do you know how long can an Elephant live for? Thank you for sharing your learning with us.

    Room 4
    Takanini School

  2. Kia Ora wow you know a lot about animals we have learnt some new facts from you.I think you should be more Pacific about what your learning do you know how long kangaroos live for thank you for sharing this it was really awesome and cool from Simon Noho ora mai.

  3. Hi Setoga Class,
    I think that I have learnt something about the zoo now. I hope that there is photos of yous at the zoo?? Well it is great to see that you guys had fun at the zoo. And that you learnt some new facts that you probable did not know. Well I hope that you guys have a great day, and I am looking forward to some more blog posts. Have a great day.

    By Vonairay


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