Thursday, 13 August 2015

Maths Week - e-Ako by Joseph J and Lorenzo

We have been doing some learning on e-Ako. E-ako is fun but sometimes hard because we get divided bys and take-aways and timestables.  It helps my learning because it makes me think about how to work out the answer, like partitioning a number.  Partitioning means you break up a number to make a tidy number. By Joseph J

E-ako is good for my learnning because sometimes it is easy, but when it is the next day it's hard because of the divided bys and sometimes I get questions about my timestables.  It can help anyone with their learning because it helps you practice your divided bys, timetables, take aways and addition.  Also it is good because it teaches you how to partition and find the answer and learn more information about maths. By Lorenzo

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