Thursday, 13 August 2015

Spelling by Daniel

I was practicing my spelling words.  My goal was to learn all of my List 6 spelling words.  This is a photo of my spelling test and I got all of them right.  Thank you Mrs Falefa for helping me learn all of my words.  Now I am going to start learning my List 7 words.


  1. Kia Ora O'Neill,
    Nice job Daniel. I bet that you participated your spelling hard at home.
    If you past list 7 words you should try doing essential list 8.
    So nice job and keep on moving.
    From Simeon

  2. Hi O'Neill,
    Nice Job Daniel. That is cool that you did your spelling you must be working hard to succeed this subject. Is this your favorite thing to do.

    From Roman

  3. Hi O'Neill
    Wow your class is amazing at spelling even Daniel because he practice because he knows that practice make's perfect Daniel is a smart boy he is so smart that he is on list 7 and a all the other people in the class are smart just like Daniel and i hope you never stop spelling.From your friend Orlando. C:

  4. Kia Ora O'neil,
    Its Nisha from McCahon Class. And I just wanted to say what a great job Daniel! because your a year 4 and you got all your list 6 right for spelling. Also I think your really happy at Mrs Falefa because she helped you with your spelling words. The thing that I wanted to challenge you is can you learn your list 7 spelling words and show us your score on another blog post?, you don't have to get them all right I just want to see your score and maybe you can improve your score next time.

    From Nisha


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