Thursday, 20 August 2015

PB4L Assembly

Congratulations to all of our phenomenal PB4L prize winners!


  1. Kia Ora Mrs Fortes,
    It so amazing to see so many people around 60 and over for green tickets. People around the school must be getting higher and higher as they collect more green tickets. As long as they be respectful, safe and a positive learner, they will get one. Is there going to be PB4L assembly on Thursdays or Tuesdays? Keep up the great work and have a look at my blog to catch up with my learning:

    See you later,
    From Lyle

    1. hi lyle
      yes they will get more if they use these things safe,respectful,positive learner and how much will you have if you had 16+1049= but how much green ticket do you have lyle so if you had 100 how much will you have to add

      see you later
      from FILIPE

  2. Kia Ora O'neill,
    I really like the transition you have put in this and how much effort you have put into this presentation.
    Now I feel like being up there on the stage! I wonder how lucky you are to be the teacher of PB4L.
    Have you seen the trophy for the highest scorer in PB4L?
    Here is a link to my blog:
    Here is a link to my CLASS blog:


    1. Kia ora Arnav,
      Thank you Arnav for commenting on one of our posts. Yes we saw the PB4L trophy when it was prize giving last year. Also thank you for sharing links to your blog and your class blog.

      Good luck on the holidays.

  3. Kio Ora O'neill,
    I really like how you improve your self and tried hard to get 150 green ticket I know it is hard but I know that one day you will all get 150 green tickets,good luck O'neill class.

    yours sincerely


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