Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Maths Week - Frog and Toad Jumps by Genete and Talal

As a class we did an activity called Frog jumps.

The frog jump was hard because you had to defend the other frog.  You could only jump over a frog or jump to the spot in front of you if it was empty.  It was good for your maths because it was like 2+1.  You had to add up the spaces so you could jump.  By Genete

Toads and Frog jumps are really hard. When there are 3 toads you can't jump over them because you can only jump over a Frog or Toad if there is a free spot after it.  It is good for your maths because it makes you use problem solving. By Talal


  1. Wow O'Neill class
    you have done a fantastic job describing how difficult it can be when your playing toads and frogs.
    Maybe you could even make a demonstration on how to play that would be really helpful and a big thank you to Genete and Talal for helping out on the post.
    P.S here is a link to my blog if you would like to see it:

  2. to Genete
    Wow genete nice words I couldn't defend my self like you it was hard for me and easy for you I am surprised that you could do it by your self.
    yours sincerely


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