Friday, 30 June 2017

Week 9: Pest Monitors

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We have been learning about Native Birds this term. As part of our topic we learned about pest monitoring and decided to monitor our own bushwalk to see if we have any pests that could be threatening the native birds around our school.

We used the design thinking process to create a pest monitor. We used cardboard to construct the tracking tunnel of the pest monitor with sponges and food colouring at either end. This is our prototype. We will be putting them out this week over night. Hopefully they hold up and capture some footprints.

Watch this space!


  1. Talofa Lava Pohatu class,
    I am very impressed that you have used the design thinking process to create a pest monitor and look forward to seeing your prototypes and finding out if they work. What pests are you thinking maybe threatening native birds around your school? Many of our local Islands - Limestone Island and Urupukapuka Island - are pest free and DOC work really hard to keep it that way. There is a project called Project Island Song that you may like to google and read about. Let me know how it all goes!

  2. hi tania
    thanks for commenting on pohatu class blog do you have a blog?

    thanks for commenting @hay park school

  3. Hi Pohatu
    Your blog is really cool i like how you said We used the design thinking process to create a pest monitor. it is really well done
    Haylee Greymain

    1. Hi Haylee. Thank you for commenting on our blog post. From Pohatu Class

  4. Hi Pohatu Class,

    That sounds very interesting and I want to find out more. Did you catch any pest? What did you put in the traps so that it could attract the pest? I heard Hansen Class did a tracking tunnel. You guys are lucky because you can use all the knowledge that you have from our Rotoroa Island trip. Please visit my blog and leave me a thoughtful, helpful and positive comment.

    Kind Regards,


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