Thursday, 8 June 2017

Week 6: Animating Google Slides with Mr Winter

Hello everyone. Miss Fortes here.

Today I have been doing a tonne of learning with the fabulous teachers in the Ako hiko Cluster. This afternoon I have been learning about how to create animations using Google slides with Mr Winter.

Check out my first animation! I'm super proud!


  1. Hi Miss Fortes,

    This is awesome! Can you please teach me how to do this? Or can you make a screencastify so I can learn at home? It looks like so much fun!

    Mrs Archer

  2. Hi Miss Fortes,
    This looks a lot of fun and has Miss Fortes written all over it! I think that it is awesome and if some student learnt how to do it we could do a toolkit! Wouldn't that be amazing? I am going to try my best to figure it out. Thanks for sharing.
    Blog you later,


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